• Dave Wenstrup

    on October 19, 2012

    Bruce - Thanks the great photos - another fantastic event with GE Volunteers in Atlanta!

  • Reggie

    on October 15, 2012

    Another successful HOAD! Great work team.

  • Tim

    on October 15, 2012

    Bruce...As always, fantastic pictures of HOAD !

  • Tom

    on October 12, 2012

    Bruce, thanks for covering such a great event. The pictures bring the event to life again !

  • A'Kia

    on October 12, 2012

    Awesome photos! It is a wonderful opportunity to serve our community and have it captured. Thanks Bruce!

  • Chris

    on October 12, 2012

    Great pictures Bruce! Thanks for capturing the day

  • Bruce

    on October 7, 2012

    Another amazing day. Wonderful to see our community working together to help those less fortunate.

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