• Bruce

    on April 28, 2014

    A few weeks ago, I was requested to attend training for GE's elite FastWorks program. The goal is to become a coach and teach others how to make a big company feel, move and react like a start-up.

    Sunday Morning after the rain, I captured some predawn shots of downtown and was the first on campus at Stanford. As light started painting the campus, I realized I was in a place like no other. Along the way I met Bob. He took me to the family grave to capture some special shots.

    My friend Rick was swimming in the pool and the coach stopped and walked over to greet me as I entered the pool area. Coach Tim was just as interested in me taking pictures as I was interested in him coaching swimming. . .

    Next week I hope to become a FastWorks coach and have the spirit, interest and desire to help others achieve something they only dream of. . . Thus my favorite shot:-)

    Grab your favorite beverage, click on slideshow and enjoy while your are transformed to that place they call Silicone Valley. Note the HP Garage where it all began . . .

    Your friend and soon to be coach,

727.297.4108 BNFratto@Live.com

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